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The material used by Windmill Ltd is of the highest quality, guaranteeing a product made to last a lifetime. Windmill Ltd’s selection of windows and doors is a vast one with various colours and features on offer. Aluwood makes use of the thermal brake system, whereby the outer part is made of aluminum and wood on the inside. This makes it durable, requiring minimal maintenance and also economical as the temperature on the inside whether cold or hot is maintained for longer.

When purchasing a product using aluwood, one obtains a product of high quality aluminum achieving a ‘luxury look’ as it is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Of course, the design of the product all depends on the tastes and requirements of the client. Windows may be ‘tilt and turn’, sliding or even centre pivot. One may also wish to incorporate insect screens to windows or doors. A variety of features according to the needs of building may also be addressed such as the type of glass used relating to theft, sound, heat and safety in the area.