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Windmill Ltd has many years of experience working for hotels. It is able to provide for various standards, from the basic to even seven star hotels. Windmill Ltd is a reliable provider for the constant demands which a large establishment such as a hotel requires.


High Rise building

Windmill Ltd understands the demanding needs of a large establishment and hence provides options to meet these requirements. Curtain walls may come with self cleaning glass, sun energy glass, normal or toughing glass. We offer high quality with thermal brake and non-thermal brake curtain walls. One may even opt for frameless curtain walls system for a more aesthetically pleasing alternative and a low maintenance option.



Windmill Ltd offers ready made partition systems. We also build offices according to the customers’ request by offering customized designs. Partitions may come in a variety of styles which may combine aluminium, steal and also wood. Office partitions may also come with blinds for tempered doors as added features.


Public areas

Whilst always opting for the best value for money, Windmill Ltd places emphasis on durability and particularly safety when constructing works for public usage.